Important Tips That Can Help Minimize Holiday Stress

I thought this week I would talk about the need for sanity in our holiday season! I know from personal experience it can be dangerous to get all amped up about the holidays, only to eventually “crash and burn” somewhere during the season.

I think there are some common-sense things we can do to minimize the exhaustion and the disappointment that so often comes along with this phenomenon.

  1. Have a plan! Seems like a no brainer but if there isn’t structure for planned activity, as well as rest time, the eventual crash is looming.
  2. Share the responsibility! The holiday season is so much about being grateful for others in our life that we tend to feel we have to do everything and take ownership of that thought. Better would be to share some of the load. It’s amazing how much socializing takes place when we are doing a task together rather than separate, and are refreshed and encouraged by the interactions we have with others.
  3. Be reasonable with your expectations! I know that I conjure up all these fantasies of the perfect experience, when in truth, best times are the simple ones with family and friends.
  4. Don’t pressure yourself to spend a fortune! In my experience, when I take some time to buy a gift for someone from my heart, it seems to always be a winner!
  5. Pay it forward! I have been very fortunate and have experienced many blessings in my life.  When I get the focus off me and on others, it brings me great joy and satisfaction.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts and it will help you have a full measure of joy this Holiday Season!


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