Moving in May? 4 Tips For A Smooth Move-In

This spring inventory has been tight this year. If you're a lucky one who found your dream home and are preparing to move this month, preparation is important. 

Here are your 5 tips for smooth move-in this month:

1. Prepare for the weather

Weather can greatly impact the success of your move, and May in Michigan can bring all types of weather - rain, snow and even tornados! It's important to keep in mind the current weather conditions. Moving a mattress that's uncovered in a rain storm is less than ideal. Plan to lift heavy boxes and furniture on the cooler days.

2. Recruit Help

Kids on spring break or home from college already? Spring is a perfect time to help keep the kids occupied and helpful to your move. 

3. Pack Room by Room

Start with one room at a time to keep yourself organized. Make sure no boxes exceed what you can lift. Label each box and specify what room it will go in in the new place. 

4.  Keep in Mind Spring Allergies

Itchy eyes, running nose and fatigue? It's important to keep in mind the spring allergies when moving. Pollen is high from 5 am to 10 am and moving into a home that's not super clean can make your allergies worse. 







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