Preparing Your Home For Vacation

Summer is the peak time to vacation! Whether going out of town for two days or two weeks - prepping your home is essential. Preparing early will put your mind at ease, giving you more time to bask in the sun! Here are the steps you need to take to prepare your home before you leave. 

Prepare Your Pets: 

If you're not planning on bringing your furry friend with you, it's important that you find someone to take care of your pet until you return. Either find a family member, friend, neighbor or a pet day care to take care of your furry friend. 

Notify Your Neighbors:

If you're worried about someone breaking in or damaging your property, ask your neighbors to keep an eye out or to park in your driveway so the home looks "lived in" while you're gone. Leave your contact information with your neighbors in the case of an emergency.

Plumbing and Electrical Precautions:

Unplug small appliances and electronic devices before you leave. 

Put your water heater in vacation mode.

Turn of water valves to your washing machine, sinks and dishwasher.

Clean The Fridge: 

Throw out food that may expire while you're gone. Throw a pack of baking soda into the fridge to eliminate odors while you're gone. 

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