Searching for a Deal: How to Find Foreclosed Properties

Information on foreclosed properties can be found in the legal notices section of your local newspaper. A notice is also usually posted on the property itself and somewhere in the city where the sale will take place.

However, real estate agents are the best source for information about foreclosures before they begin. Often a property will be listed and the agent will know if it is approaching foreclosure. Perhaps the best way to get the information is to have your agent put the word out that you are looking for properties with pending foreclosures.

Another source for foreclosure information can be the bank or financial institution that holds the mortgage. Of course, they generally will not give you the names of those who are facing foreclosure, but they may give the property owner your card or phone number.

Buying a foreclosing property is not easy. Savvy investors are highly skilled at nabbing these properties, while inexperienced buyers may find themselves surrounded by stiff competition. They will need to get as much information as possible, including a foreclosure inspection report and an appraisal from the lender.

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