Simple Ways to Add More Privacy To Your Home

Privacy is a top priority for some homeowners. These simple tips will help you add more privacy to the place you call home.

1. Privacy with Plants

In some areas, the type of fences you can install are highly restricted. A solution for those who have limitations is to install a row of plants, shrubs or hedges. These will create an easy way to add some privacy to your backyard. 

2. Add a fence

An obvious way to create some privacy. However, check your local ordinances for any building restrictions. 

3. Pergolas & Panels 

If you have an open deck, installing a pergola will create a more private and intimate area to your backyard without making the area seem cramped. 

4. Fountains for Noise

While this doesn't block views, it will block sound. Whether you're trying to eliminate noise of a busy street or loud neighbors, a fountain will help to eliminate outside sound, giving you more privacy and comfort. 

5. Shield Windows

If you're feeling like the neighborhood has too much access to view inside your home, install some new blinds and curtains for added darkness and privacy. If you have a large window not suitable for blinds, apply a film to create a "frosted" window.

5. Rearrange Living Spaces

If you want to reduce the chances of people seeing you throughout your day by switch your living quarters up. It may seem a little unconventional to have a bedroom downstairs, but if your home allows for it, you can have more privacy this way. Curtains or blinds for the bedroom and upstairs you can enjoy your living room with wide open windows and lots of privacy.



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