Super Bowl Hangover

Well now that the Super Bowl is over and all the fanfare has passed, the holidays are behind us, what’s next? Six more weeks of winter, gray skies, and spring fever seem to rule the day! But this can be a great time to posture yourself for a great 2018. I have come up with a few strategies that might help you get past the “Dog Days of Winter.”

  1. Stay active! I say it all the time, but exercise is a key component in staying upbeat and positive. It’s also a great way to work off that holiday weight gain and again posture yourself for warmer weather.
  2. Brighten it up! I always try to keep lights on in the house later in the day and do anything to simulate longer days to keep that “summer” feeling alive.
  3. Run the roads! It never hurts to have something planned on the weekend to look forward to. Last week we went to the Eastern Market followed by the Auto-Show, then lunch at Slows Barbeque! It was a lot of fun and really helped get rid of the winter doldrums.
  4. Winter Wonderland! Find activities that leverage the weather, skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling or even just taking a walk in the country will improve your attitude immensely!

So, let’s try to make this time a season of regeneration and enjoy every day we are fortunate to have! See you next week!

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