Work on Your Kingdom This Year!

Written by Realtor: Matt White

CBWM-Ann Arbor

World renowned exercise enthusiast Jack Lalanne once said “Exercise is King, and Diet is Queen, put them together and you have a kingdom”.

I would take that a bit farther to say whatever your activities in life are, they determine the life or “Kingdom” you create. I came up with a few thoughts and potential activities I try to employ in my life and I hope they will be helpful for you.

  1. Exercise is not King! I am a big believer in exercise for sure, but even more important is mindset. Mindset is achieved everyday either negatively or positively depending on how we prepare for the day.
  2. Routine with a twist. I love routine, it helps things become predictable. The other thing a routine will achieve is a road map. If something isn’t working, you can identify it easier and tweak it to become more productive.
  3. Exercise is important! Exercise not only makes you feel better physically, it makes you feel better about yourself and is dynamic in establishing mindset.
  4. Diet! Diet is so important, not just the food you eat but the activities you are involved with. What do I mean by that? What you are watching on TV, who you hang out with, and of course what you eat. What we put into our bodies and minds has an incredible impact on how we view ourselves and others.
  5. Balance! The saying is people with balance won’t get knocked off track! It’s so true, we need a healthy balance of healthy activities to spread out our energy to be fulfilled and effective in the world we live.

My last thought, when you are healthy you are more available to help and serve others. What good is it to build a kingdom if you can’t share it with others? In my experience in life that is the most rewarding aspect of living is giving! 

Thank you and I hope you've enjoyed this short read.

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