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Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents.

There is tremendous opportunity for Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents.

Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents earn considerably more than your average realtor.

The Grosse Pointes consist of 5 independent communities. Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe City, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Shores, and Grosse Pointe Woods. Each community has its own Police and Fire Departments. Each community has a water front park with swimming, boating, fishing and many other water related activities.

Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents also sell in the City of Detroit and the other surrounding suburbs.

The Grosse Pointe School system consists of many Elementary schools.­three Junior high schools, and two high schools. Grosse Pointe South high school was the original high school. At one time it serviced all five Grosse Pointes. In 1969 they opened Grosse Pointe North high school. Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents are always ask to comment on which school is "better". Because of fair housing laws Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents are not allowed to do anything that could be construed as "steering". Therefore, we can provide a source of information and let the prospective Buyers decide for themselves which is the better school.

Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents do not comment on other issues as well. Things such as crime rate, ethnic make up, or any other things that might be considered discriminatory practices. Grosse Pointe was built as a bedroom community for the City of Detroit. This­was when the­­when the City of Detroit was on the rise due to the expansion of the automobile industry.During World War II Detroit was known as the arsenal of democracy. The prosperity continued after the war and Detroit's population grew to 1.8 million people. As the population grew so did the need for housing. The older Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents remember when most of Grosse Pointe was farms.

Some time in the 1950's the population of Detroit began to decline. Grosse Pointe became a desirable place to live because it was close to Downtown Detroit where many people worked. Many people worked in the City of Detroit but lived outside of the city. As time went on there were many of disadvantages to living in the City proper. Property taxes were higher. The City imposed an income tax and your car insurance rates were almost 3 times what they were in the outlying area. Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents were doing quite well selling houses to those persons who needed to be close to the City of Detroit for work but didn't want to live there.

After the 1950's the population continued to decline even with the migration of people from the Southern states moving North to work in the auto plants. During the 1960's there was periods of Civil unrest, including the Rebellion during the summer of 1967. For four days there was wide spread arson, looting and sniper fire throughout the City of Detroit. That single event accelerated the flight to the suburbs. This was devastating to the City of Detroit. Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents saw an increase in demand for houses located in the five Grosse Pointe communities. There became a line of demarcation between the city and the suburbs. Over the years that line became increasingly stark. On one side suburbia flourished. On the other side there was poverty and devastation. As the years rolled on the difference became even greater.

Block busting became standard practice within the city limits. Block busting takes place when unscrupulous real estate agents spread fear among property owners. They claim that a certain ethnic group are moving into­a neighborhood and that it will result in decreased property values. Once this practice­gets momentum it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Because many home owners fear­their property values will decrease, many home owners are in a panic.­Because of panic selling there is an increase in the number of homes for sale. Once supply­outsize demand, the law of economics tells us prices will fall. As prices start to fall the panic selling accelerates and prices fall even further. It becomes ­a downward spiral with no end in sight.

This practice became outlawed after the passage of Fair Housing Legislation in the 1960's. Many people think it is still being practiced to this day. 44. I would like to think that this type of thinking is no longer wide spread. There have been accusations that Grosse Pointe real estate agents would discourage certain ethnic groups from buying homes in their community. While the fair housing people made these allegations there was never any criminal action taken against Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents.

Another cause of the deterioration of the City of Detroit was mortgage fraud.


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When the FHA started to guarantee mortgages back in the 1960's many unqualified persons were buying houses. Their underlying mortgages went delinquent and neighborhoods were destroyed. The Real Estate industry was responsible for a lot of this. Some crooked real estate agents were flipping home to "straw " buyers. These buyers existed on paper only. The prices and mortgages were inflated and the crooks made a killing. While they were reaping use profits from the sale of junk homes the areas became slums. as you might imagine there was fear pedaling which caused Sellers to sell at very low prices. Then a straw buyer was found to secure a mortgage on the property that was previously bought for pennies on the dollar. the result was chaos. Not only were neighborhoods being destroyed. The US taxpayers were on the hook for paying off all the defaulted mortgages that resulted. Since then FHA has been more stringent on their lending policies. Still the damage was done. The City of Detroit never quite recovered.

Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents never saw that type of disintegration take place on the other side of the border. This was due in part because there was not a lot of FHA mortgages being used to purchase homes in the Grosse Pointes. Conventional loans were very prevalent. These types of mortgages required a 20 % down payment.60­ As opposed to 3.5% down payment for a FHA loan. As you can imagine if someone has 20% of their own money on the table they are less likely to default on their obligation.

Basically through all the carnage that took place in the City of Detroit, the Grosse Pointes have remained pretty much unscathed. Grosse Pointe Real Estate agents have been pretty vigilant in sniffing out any dishonest agents in their ranks. Strong leadership at the local government level has been able to stop problems before they begin. Through a number of ordinances and vigilant code enforcement the Grosse Pointes have kept blight at bay. All 5 Grosse Pointes have been on the same page as it relates to keeping property values up and maintaining a safe and clean environment.

I hope you have enjoyed this diatribe. The main purpose of all this rambling has been to see if I can increase my SEO or Search Engine Optimization and drive more traffic to my site. Hopefully I can recruit more Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents. Please view my pictures and my video which I hope will result in more calls from persons that would like to become Grosse Pointe Real Estate Agents.

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