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Ice & Snow Removal Tips!

Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel | January 30 2018

When it comes to winter ice around your home, the best defense against property damage and personal injury is a well-executed offense. Unfortunately, you can’t always be ahead of the weather, and if you’re facing the inevitable outcome of an ice storm or a blizzard, you need to know how to handle what’s been thrown at you.

Want BIG Storage From a Small Closet?

Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel | January 9 2018

Your closet is the most underutilized but most important space in your entire home! Yet, time and time again you go to open your sliding closet doors just to be reminded how little of space you have for your belongings. Even after you’ve vacuum–sealed your off-season clothes, there never seems to be enough room. So what can you do about this? What are your options?

Water Bill Drowning You? Here Are 7 Ways to Keep You Afloat!

Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel | January 5 2018

If you feel like you’re being drenched by utility bills, you may be looking for ways to cut your monthly costs. While utilities like internet and cable TV may seem like obvious targets, your water bill can also run much higher than necessary. Missing water bill payments could also eventually hurt your credit score. While most utilities don’t report on-timepayments to the credit bureaus, many will report accounts that have gone into default or collections, which will cause your scores to take a hit.

Remember that conserving water is not just good for your wallet; it’s good for the environment! Here are several ways to cut down on your water costs...

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