Is your phone owning you?

I have some strong opinions regarding the use and abuse of cell phones. I have seen as I know you have, the disconnect that phones cause with people and their total preoccupation with them. Now let me be clear, I am as guilty as anyone! My job in real estate has caused me to have this love affair with my phone, that affair has turned into a very tumultuous relationship! I think that is part of the reason I needed to share this with you, it’s a therapy session in some regard. Here is a great example of what I am talking about; I was at Panera the other day and two people were eating lunch. Both were smiling and giggling not at each other but what they were looking at on their phones! Totally unaware of the other person, or their surroundings. I see this every day; the worst part is when people are driving. You can always tell when you are following someone in a car and they are kind of in between the speed limit and going to slow, hugging the center line. When I drive alongside, yep! They are on their phone, I knew it! I will say that I have hands free in my vehicle, so I am not guilty of that sin, but more than make up for it with other transgressions! Then you must love the person in the grocery store on his or her Bluetooth having a never-ending conversation as they go through the store and shop, with no regard for anybody. The grocery store music is bad enough I don’t need any other back ground noise!

So, let’s make a deal? We can change this if we want to. Let’s start leaving our phones in the car occasionally or put it on silent when we are out to eat, or if we are daring - leave it at home!  The device we thought was changing our life has now taken control of it. If we don’t change this behavior soon we might fall prey to our own creation!

Matt White

Matt White

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