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10 Good Reasons to Sell your Home During the Holidays!

Posted: November 27, 2018 by Matthew Hillier

If you are on the fence about selling your home during the holiday season, jump up and get that "For Sale" sign out because we have 10 good reasons why it is a great time to sell your home!

1. Good Supply of Buyers
The buyers that are looking for homes during the holidays are serious buyers. They are not people just looking to see what ideas they can come up with to do in their home.

2. Less Competition
There is less competition for your home since there are less homes on the market during this time. That could make your home stand out and sell faster too!  A smaller inventory works great for sellers. Have photos from summer as well so they can see what your home looks like when the grass is green, when the flowers are out, and when the trees are full.

3. Your Home Looks & Smells Great
It's the Holidays. It is clean and decorated for guests. And if you are a holiday baker, those wonderful smells coming from cookie baking can't hurt either.

4.  The Neighborhood Looks Great
People have put away a lot of their outdoor "stuff" for the winter and everything looks cleaned up. The neighbor’s unsightly dead yard isn't visible under the snow. And the lights decorating the houses adds ambience as well.

5. Buyers Have More Time to Look
It's the holidays, and buyers have more time off to shop around. Whether they have vacation days to use, or vacation days off from work, many people prefer to use them around the holidays.

6. Make Your Own Showing Times
People are more understanding about having selective times to view your home; they understand it is the holidays. 

7. Everyone Is In A Good Mood
It's the holidays! The decorations and holiday spirit put people in a good mood. They will help buyers think about the happy memories they can make in your home once they purchase it and make it theirs. 

8. Increased Negotiating Power
When you go to make the offer on your replacement home, you won't need to make it contingent on the sale of your home since it is already sold.

9. Low Interest Rates
Interest rates are low right now, which is good the buyers, and good for you when you are ready to purchase your replacement home.

10. Never Mow the Lawn Again
It's winter! You won't need to mow the lawn, do any weeding, or try to keep the yard looking pristine for prospective buyers because of the cold weather and snow.

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