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Coldwell Banker CEO Tells Why Now is the Perfect Time to List Your Home Main Photo

Coldwell Banker CEO Tells Why Now is the Perfect Time to List Your Home

Guest Post: Patrick Kearns, Staff Writer at Inman
Posted: July 09, 2020 by Matthew Hillier

During a virtual town hall, Ryan Gorman also explained why he doesn't believe the market will see a massive spike in foreclosures.

The low inventory market makes the current environment a great time to sell, according to Coldwell Banker CEO Ryan Gorman. It does, however, provide some challenges for prospective homebuyers, but Gorman, in a virtual town hall event, gave consumers advice on how to navigate buying in a low inventory market.

“If you’re contemplating moving, or are one of many people who are contemplating accelerating your life plan a bit, now is a moment to get your property into inventory,” Gorman said. “Get it prepared, get it priced and get it on the market.”

Gorman explained that he’s pushing consumers considering a move to list their home now. While it’s difficult to know what the future holds, he said, there’s definitely a shortage of inventory today. There’s often inventory waiting in the wings, he explained, which is a key area where an agent can help.

“When you’re consulting with a busy Coldwell Banker agent in a busy office, that agent is speaking with not only homeowners in their former customer group and their future customer group, but all of the other agents in their office,” Gorman said.

Sellers should also connect with agents early to start that match-making process, which is all the more crucial in a low-inventory environment.

“Connect with your agent,” Gorman said. “Be really clear about your wants and needs. Start shopping virtually, get into some properties so you can narrow down neighborhood and property type,” Gorman added. “With that kind of clarity, your agent can take it back to the office, communicate with other agents and perhaps drive some inventory onto the market that may have been on the sidelines.”

While Gorman doesn’t have a crystal ball, he does believe the inventory challenges baked into the market aren’t going away in the near-term. Homebuilders have been reluctant to build entry-level homes, particularly in the detached, single-family range. Homebuilders, according to Gorman, are a cautious bunch and the COVID-19 and economic uncertainty hasn’t helped.

“We’re building half of what we need as a country, maybe less,” Gorman said. “I do not see that changing in the very near term.”

Image by: AJ Canaria of PlanOmatic / Inside Real Estate
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