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Can First Time Home Buyers Use a 401k For a Down Payment?

Guest Post: Gustavo Gonzalez, Senior Manager of Content & Multimedia at Coldwell Banker
Posted by Matthew Hillier on July 15, 2020 in  uncategorized
Coming up with a down payment to purchase your first home can feel like a herculean task. How can you possibly save twenty, thirty, fifty thousand dollars—approximately 11% of your home purchase price in 2016 (National Association of Realtors)—to pour into a house? For most individuals, it can be incredibly tough to save enough, particularly if you’re strapped for cash. What can you do? The good news is that if you’ve been consistent about saving for your retirement, you have a leg up thanks... read more
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5 Secrets to Cutting Costs on Your Next DIY Home Design Overhaul

Guest Post: Alex Jones, Content Creator at Trendy Floor
Posted by Matthew Hillier on July 15, 2020 in  uncategorized
With many of us confined to staying at home during the current global pandemic, now could be the ideal time to embark on a DIY home design overhaul. Of course, transforming a tired living space into one that’s timelessly stylish and effortlessly practical comes with a number of cumulative costs, but there are plenty of ways to save money along the way. In this post, our friends over at Trendy Floors will be sharing some savvy secrets on how to keep costs down during renovations while still achieving... read more
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Coldwell Banker CEO Tells Why Now is the Perfect Time to List Your Home

Guest Post: Patrick Kearns, Staff Writer at Inman
Posted by Matthew Hillier on July 09, 2020 in  uncategorized
During a virtual town hall, Ryan Gorman also explained why he doesn't believe the market will see a massive spike in foreclosures.The low inventory market makes the current environment a great time to sell, according to Coldwell Banker CEO Ryan Gorman. It does, however, provide some challenges for prospective homebuyers, but Gorman, in a virtual town hall event, gave consumers advice on how to navigate buying in a low inventory market.“If you’re contemplating moving, or are one of many people who are co... read more
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