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How To Balance Working at Home with Kids

Guest Post: Lauren Perry, Contributor at Yale Medicine
Posted by Matthew Hillier on April 03, 2020 in  Health & Wellness  Healthy Living  Safety
Stick to a routine. That’s the theme that runs through advice from Yale Child Study Center experts when it comes to a struggle many families are now facing: working at home alongside children who are out of school or daycare because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is really hard, and parents are rightfully concerned about trying to balance their responsibilities as working adults with this complete upheaval in the lives of their children,” says Leah Booth, MA, a speech-language... read more
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5 Ways To Create An Effective Study Station In Your Home

Guest Post: Madeleine Low, Content Publisher at Western Governors University
Posted by Matthew Hillier on April 03, 2020 in  Health & Wellness  Healthy Living  Home Improvement
Every home should have space for relaxing, resting, cooking, and studying. Whether you have children or are furthering your own education, it’s important to create a place inside your home that makes it easy to stay focused and organized on schoolwork. These tips will help you create a designated study station inside your home: Evaluate your space. Look around your home and determine the best location to set up a study station. A room with a door is the best option because it allows you to shut out any ... read more
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How to Safely Move your Plants to your New Home

Guest Post: Laura McHolm, Co-Founder of NorthStar Moving
Posted by Matthew Hillier on February 05, 2020 in  Buying a Home  Healthy Living  Home & Garden  Home Decor  New Homeowner
Moving can be stressful for all living beings. When it comes to change, plants are especially vulnerable. However, with a little love and some planning you can protect your plants and help them adjust to their new environment.  Whether you are worried about your small succulent collection or you are a certified plant parent, be assured these tips from Tim Moore, lead editor of Backyard Boss, will help keep your plants safe and secure throughout the moving process. Spoiler alert! Before you get our ha... read more
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Earth Day Fun Facts

Posted by Matthew Hillier on April 22, 2019 in  Healthy Living  Sustainability
It's a day to celebrate the most famous mother of all — Mother Earth! Today (April 22) marks the 43rd Earth Day, with more than 1 billion people in 192 countries expected to participate in activities this year.Here are some fun facts about this important day and how it has influenced all of us: 1. It Is the Largest Secular Holiday in the World It is the largest secular holiday in the world. The Earth Day Network works with over 20,000 partner organizations in 192 countries to coordinate events for this d... read more
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Earth Day Events Around Southeast Michigan

Posted by Matthew Hillier on April 22, 2019 in  Healthy Living  Sustainability
Planet Earth gives us food, water, shelter and all of the things necessary to keep us going. Every year on Earth Day, April 22, we get to celebrate our beautiful blue orb by showing how much we care about it by cleaning her up and enjoying other Earth Day events. Looking for ways to get your kids tuned into learning about our environment and appreciating nature in 2019? From volunteer clean-ups to craft days and festivals, metro Detroit is chock-full of fun Earth Day activities for all ages to enjoy. Gear up,... read more
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